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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Notes from the back of the toilet door!

I know it would seem like I've been neglecting my duties here but I have been busy, serving coffee, getting the snack bar functioning smoothly and well while my back has been turned someone has been busy on the back of one of the toilet doors, and if I find the culprit I'm going...going..to.. invite the lavengro back to maybe put some of the work on paper so this time I can hang it on the walls for everyone to see! Maybe I should take the door off it's hinges and just hang it out here so everyone can see it anyway I digress here's what I found:


Touch my face with your soft hands, cupped to either side
Let me feel your fingers trace, across my skin, colour creations in my brain
The joy, you impart in ripples, whilst, in my heart reside
Flutterings, that up and down my spine, wash afresh like welcome rain

Let me more, your eyes adore, up close, warm breath on skin, wet tongue slip
About your neck, about your ear, watch you sigh, with close of eye
And with your arms enwrap, a body, whose heart sails already with your ship
As my hands, stroke down your back, in rhythm with desires, sigh

Thighs, enwrapped, lips in touch, as soft lights sparkle in a stream
As we breathe, as one, move, as one, gasping beyond
These realms, absorbed within the waves of this ebb and flow life dream,
As this motion, evolves and revolves, and speed and slows and grows, into movement one

Mind body heart union, in which the beauty is, in the smile not the tear
As my eyes adore you, and my heart implores you, stay, forever near.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Surnaturalist Tales Number 1 - I See- Listen Now

Yes people, I've fixed the player problem that we were having, so now it is possible to listen to the first, of hopefully many, Surnaturalist Tales.

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of audio drama, the whole piece is sweet little me, all the voices, all the words, all the production, so apologies if the learning curve that I was on affects anything but be persistent, listen on I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile in the end!

"The Tale? " You ask, "what is this tale about ?" Well if I give to much away it will ruin the effect, yes it's not what you think it is but you'll have to listen to the end to find out why, so let me just say:

We all see the same way, don't we ?
Listen in and see if you see the same way.

So go here and listen to it in as many formats as you may wish for, download it ,enjoy it ,all for free and don't forget to let me know what you think.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Surnaturalist Tales Number 1 - I See

In case any of you were wondering, I've had to remove the link to the first Surnaturalist Tale, due entirely to the fact of it simply not working, if any of you have downloaded it you may well have found that apart from a little advert for Odeo there was nothing to hear.Obviously this was not my intention, not after all the hard work of getting the whole thing together, no sirreee.So I've pulled the plug on that and I'm now in the process of gettting the whole project on line with somebody else, this is actually well under way and hopefully an announcement of where you can listen to this piece of entertaining drama will be posted up here on the cafe walls as soon as possible.Thank you for patience, may I suggest you grab yourselves another coffee,I recommend the new Italian espresso which has just arrived, and as way of an apology have it on the house.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ireland & Guinness

Yes, I've been away for a few days in the land of saints & scholars,that being Eire, or Ireland to the un-iniatated. A lovely time was had of course visiting the South East coast of Wexford and Wicklow. Go if you ever have the chance.So I picked up a couple of posters for the cafe,as you can see.

I also picked up another copy of Brian Friel's masterpiece work " Translations", if you ever get the chance to see the play and want to understand how smaller countries/interests are over powered by larger ones then go and see it, if that isn't possible, and sadly it often isn't for most of us then get a copy and read it.

You can pick up a copy from here

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where have I been ? Laughing with The Paranormalists

Oh yes,The Paranormalists, this is a podcast that is a must hear, a real must hear, it's not a copy of anything else, it's not trying to be anything else, it's enjoyable, good fun and superbly produced.
There are two stories currently to listen to: one about 'Minehead Elvis', I presume you have heard of Elvis, but Minehead is a place in the west of England in case you didn't know, and falls within the 'investigation area' of The Paranormalists.
The other story is about 'Brown Willy' and I think I'd better just let you find out for yourself what this one is about.
Anyway get yourself to the website http://www.paranormalists.co.uk
or get downloading at http://www.paranormalists.co.uk/podcast/paranormal.xml
You will not be disapponted, however you may find that your time gets used up and if like me you are trying to get the cafe decorated you may easily find yourself falling behind schedule, but it is worth it, after all life is not spelled w-o-r-k!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dream Theory

At last we have some music for the cafe.As much as I enjoy listening to audio drama, and wait to see what lovely delights I'm bringing in later on in the week on that front, but today I've just received a beautiful new laptop which I've connected up to the cafe speakers, and for your further listening pleasure here is Jon Hassell's track "Courage" from his sublime CD 'Dream Theory in Malaya'.It's excellent for getting things done to or simply laying back and drifting off into or dreaming off into or floating off into....

I've also come across a fascinating article which inspired the whole musical project, which does include Eno amongst others, in case you needed any other incentive to go out and get yourself a copy of the whole CD.Anyway the article is well worth a read, it's all about a community in Malaya who utilise dreams as a way of having a more balanced society.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bruno Schiepan

Now this guy has a style of painting which has been termed 'Happy Painting'.To me that is a good start to begin with, anyway not only does he produce these great images, he also has them on chairs, tables, yes his art is literally on furniture.Now what greater thing could we have in our still evolving cafe than some seriously interesting new style furniture.Visit his complete website here.

Now I'm not sure which chairs to go for just now, cup of cafe noire to mull it over I think.